Meet the Staff


Chi Alpha Director

Derek Seaberg

Derek has been the director of UI Chi Alpha since 2009 and loves working with college students!  Derek’s life was transformed as a freshman in college through the ministry of XA at Central Washington University. Fun facts:

Hometown: Quincy, WA

Alma mater/Degree: Graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA with a degree in Music in Education 

Favorite Things:  My wife of 10 years, Jessica, and my kids (3yr-old daughter Ravelle, 3-month old son, Clayton)!  I love 1-on-1 discipleship, the Seattle Seahawks, competitive sports, working in my vegetable garden, playing my bass trombone, watching a good action flick, excel sheets, good food, playing Ticket to Ride, lemon-poppy seed scones from Bucers, Americanos, buffalo sauce, hot wings & good burgers!  Oh…and anything my wife cooks! Knowing Christ is everything.

Why I love campus ministry:   My life was changed in college through a group of chi alpha guys who were committed to loving me and answering my questions about God.  I hope I can do the same for someone else!


Associate Staff

Corinne Reed

Corinne joined the UIXA in 2015 and knows first hand how important the college years are to  developing a relationship with Christ; Corinne was transformed as a college student in XA at CWU!
Hometown:  Shoreline, WA
Alma mater/Degree:  Graduated from Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA with a degree in Spanish & Latin American studies
Favorite Things:  Her husband, Christian, hanging out with people, coffee, having fun, thunderstorms & rain, hand-lettering and decorating, hosting get togethers, silliness, shopping and campus ministry!  I also really like bunnies & have a really cute one who has about 10 different names…just call him “Little Bunny” or “Thorin.”

Why I love campus ministry:  I love campus ministry because students are so open to the gospel and I truly believe that sending out student leaders in Christ can impact the whole world!


Associate Staff

Jessica Seaberg

Jessica has been married to Derek since 2007 and co-planted XAUI with Derek in 2009.  Now Jessica is part-time missionary and mom and can often be found cooking for large groups of Chi Alpha students or teaching discipleship class!  Fun facts…

Hometown:  Kirkland, WA

Alma mater/Degree: Graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA with a BA in music (flute).

Favorite Things:  Hanging out with Derek & my sweet kids; cooking and serving good food to people, evangelism (I love being one of the first people to explain the gospel to someone!!), taking walks, lattes & baked goods, eating outside with friends, competitive sports and party games, & the Seahawks, singing, summer, working out, teaching the bible, & being a mom and campus missionary!

Why I love campus ministry:  I love being a part of the growth process in student’s lives and seeing people fall in love with scripture.  The Bible has something to say about everything!  I also looooove to teach and preach!