Meet the Staff


Chi Alpha Director

Derek Seaberg

Hometown: Quincy, WA

Alma mater/Degree: Graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA with a degree in Music in Education 

Favorite Things:  My wife of 10 years, Jessica, and my kids (3yr-old daughter Ravelle, 3-month old son, Clayton)!  I love 1-on-1 discipleship, the Seattle Seahawks, competitive sports, working in my vegetable garden, playing my bass trombone, watching a good action flick, excel sheets, good food, playing Ticket to Ride, lemon-poppy seed scones from Bucers, Americanos, buffalo sauce, hot wings & good burgers!  Oh…and anything my wife cooks! Knowing Christ is everything.

Why I love campus ministry:   My life was changed in college through a group of chi alpha guys who were committed to loving me and answering my questions about God.  I hope I can do the same for someone else!





Associate Staff

Corinne Reed

Hometown:  Shoreline, WA
Alma mater/Degree:  Graduated from Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA with a degree in Spanish & Latin American studies
Favorite Things:  Her husband, Christian, hanging out with people, coffee, having fun, thunderstorms & rain, hand-lettering and decorating, hosting get togethers, silliness, shopping and campus ministry!  I also really like bunnies & have a really cute one who has about 10 different names…just call him “Little Bunny” or “Thorin.”

Why I love campus ministry:  I love campus ministry because students are so open to the gospel and I truly believe that sending out student leaders in Christ can impact the whole world!







Associate Staff

Jessica Seaberg

Hometown:  Kirkland, WA

Alma mater/Degree: Graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA with a BA in music (flute).

Favorite Things:  Hanging out with Derek & my sweet kids; cooking and serving good food to people, evangelism (I love being one of the first people to explain the gospel to someone!!), taking walks, lattes & baked goods, eating outside with friends, competitive sports and party games, & the Seahawks, singing, summer, working out, teaching the bible, & being a mom and campus missionary!

Why I love campus ministry:  I love being a part of the growth process in student’s lives and seeing people fall in love with scripture.  The Bible has something to say about everything!  I also looooove to teach and preach!



Associate Staff

Isaac Young

Hometown: Centralia, Washington
Alma Mater/Degree: Graduated from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, WA (BFA Graphic Design)
Favorite Things: Hanging out with friends, almost anything science fiction (Star Wars was my childhood haha), drawing, hiking, playing games, reading/telling a good story, technology, and my girlfriend Sarah, who’s pretty great!
Why I love campus ministry:  I love helping people get to know Jesus better.  Being in Chi Alpha showed me the power of Jesus-centered community and discipleship, and I love being able to be a part of helping others be changed by the same community that impacted me so much!

Associate Staff

Sarah Mittelstaedt

Hometown: Ferndale / Bellingham, WA
Alma Mater/Degree: Western Washington University – Creative Writing (Major) & Religious Studies (Minor)
Favorite Things: Hanging out with friends and family, good stories, writing/journaling, reading fantasy books, playing ultimate, enjoying excellent gluten-free baked goods, playing card games, learning new things and reading books that help answer significant questions, living in the same town as my boyfriend (long distance was rough), watching movies, coffee/tea, and dogs (specifically large dogs).
Why I love Campus Ministry: I get to introduce people to Jesus and help them to understand Him better! College is a formative time when we really start figuring out who we are and I love getting to walk through life with people in the midst of that process. It’s so fun!




Associate Staff

Jeremy Sexton

Hometown: Meridian, ID
Alma Mater/Degree: Graduated from University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) with a degree in Secondary Education with an emphasis in English and Math
Favorite Things: I love being married to my wife Dorothy! I also love people, laughter, people who are laughing, watching movies and TV shows, reading books, and writing (basically, I love stories). Naturally, I also love God. I love learning about Him by reading the Bible and learning about the story of restoration that God is telling.
Why I love campus ministry: I love campus ministry because college is a time where students are open to having their worldview expanded. I love the relationships that are built in college and want to be part of building that life-bringing community at U of I.



Associate Staff

Dorothy Sexton

Hometown: Moses Lake, WA
Alma Mater/Degree: Graduated from University of Idaho, Moscow, ID with degrees in Mathematics and Chemistry
Favorite Things: My husband, Jeremy, running, reading fantasy novels, cooking new meals, hiking, beautiful sunsets, the rolling Palouse hills, sipping warm tea, watching TV shows and movies, learning new things, and grabbing coffee with friends!
Why I love campus ministry: When I came to college, a group of girls befriended me and showed me who Jesus was in the way they loved me and answered my questions! God changed my life through them! I want to be a part of that for other people. I absolutely love one on one discussions and helping other people discover more about God!