Our Core Values

What are core values? Core values describe the attitudes that we seek to embody as a staff and student community.  A church’s core values shape the culture of a particular community – it’s a concise way to describe what we are about and what is important to us!

The Mission of Chi Alpha (XA):

To produce lifelong followers of Jesus who intentionally make disciples who make disciples so that we can transform the university, the marketplace & the world.

Our Core Values:

“We live out our mission as Chi Alpha at the University of Idaho by being…”
  • Communal
    • We live out our mission together by spending time together and doing life together. We strive to be relational, invitational, vulnerable, and hospitable in the way we operate as a community. We live our lives out together in life-groups, one-on-ones, and our weekly worship gathering (WNF).
  • Intentional
    • We do not do life and relationships on auto-pilot. We live with a sense of being “on-mission” with Jesus by doing everything with purpose. Some of the ways we do this are through intentional discipleship relationships (one-on-ones & life groups) as well as living with our spiritual eyes open among nonbelievers.
  • Sacrificial
    • We fight for people in a way that costs us something – our time, our energy, our resources and our life. We live out Mark 8:34-35, especially in our evangelism.
  • Thinking
    • We do not settle for easy answers or a surface reading of scripture. We use our minds to understand God’s Word deeply, because it is a complex book and we want to live in a way where scripture transforms people’s lives.
  • Spirit-Empowered
    • We do things with the Holy Spirit’s power and inspiration, not just by our ideas, preparation and strength.  We also seek the Spirit’s presence in it’s unique and various forms as it appears in the New Testament to ignite our life of evangelism and worship.
  • Unassuming
    • We try not to assume where people are at in their faith. We create a culture of understanding by using every-day language and explaining what we mean when we do use Christian words. We to aim present the Gospel in ways nonbelievers will understand and want to be sensitive to wherever people are at with Jesus.
  • Incarnational
    • We reach people through the existing structures in our lives and community. We don’t rely heavily on “big church events” because we believe that students most often respond to fun & friendships that happens in smaller authentic (“spontaneous”) relational settings over large church events.  As Christ came and made his dwelling among us, we seek to live our lives of faith “where the people are” -in the dorms, in the Commons, in class, and wherever else we would normally be.
  • Responsible
    • We are a community of people that take responsibility for the various aspects of our lives. We take responsibility for our lives with God by having real devotional lives. We take responsibility for our grades and academics by managing our time well. We believe God does not want a generation of excuse-makers but people who are willing to do hard work and take responsibility for it.
  • Joyful
    • “Love and Laughter plow hard hearts” – we want to be all of the above values with a lightness of heart, remembering to laugh and have fun in the process.